Khanna Eye Centre services

We offers a complete range of eye care services including Blade free Lasik & Cataract surgery in Delhi. dedicated retinal clinic for latest investigation, laser treatment, injection treatment and surgeries. Best equipped glaucoma clinic.

The latest in medical technology in all aspects of eye care-from routine eye examination to finest refractive & cataract surgery.

Khanna Eye Center a trusted brand since 1951

We offer complete range of eye care services


  1. Complete eye check up
  2. Glasses check up
  3. Contact lens clinic
  4. Refractive ( Lasik) clinic, our speciallity is blade free Lasik that suits your pocket
  5. Cataract (blade free) clinic
  6. Cornea clinic
  7. Glaucoma clinic
  8. Dry eye clinic
  9. Oculoplastic clinic (cosmetic)
  10. Squint clinic
  11. Pediatric ophthalmology clinic
  12. Neuro ophthalmology clinic
  13. Low vision and clinic
  14. Headache clinic (non responding headache)
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