Keratoconus is a disorder that occurs when the front part of your eye, round and smooth when healthy, becomes thin and abnormal, taking on more of a conical shape. Since the round shape of your eye is meant to help focus light, keratoconus forces the light to be angled improperly through the cornea and onto the retina.

The main result from the condition is distorted vision. Because it’s the very shape of the eyeball that’s irregular, eyeglasses or lenses will only help in the early stages of the disease. You’ll most likely need special lenses as this uncommon disease progresses.

Keratoconus often is considered a pediatric eye malady, as symptoms usually present sometime between the teens and the early twenties. The symptoms continue to persist over a 10- to 20-year period. The most common symptoms include: Distorted vision, including mild blurriness A sensitivity to lights and glare Mild nearsightedness Difficulty driving, typing, watching television or reading Frequent changes in prescription over the years Discomfort when attempting to wear contact lenses

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