Cataract Surgery

Khanna Eye Centre uses INFINITYTM Micro Surgical SYSTEM; the most advanced technology for Cataract Surgery (Approved by FDA). This cutting edge technology (Featuring OZil® Intelligent Phaco), combined with the expertise of Surgeons at VEC, delivers unmatched results, at par with the best in the world. The combination with bladeless technique (Femto cataract) mentioned later, makes it a state of the art facility.

The Phaco Cataract Surgeon makes an entry into the eye through an ultra small Micro Surgical incision of INFINITYTM MICS Technology for Cataract removal. A high frequency MICS Phaco tip is introduced through this MICS incision, breaking the hardest of hard Cataract into very small fragments. The fragments are then sucked out through the same tip in a computerized controlled manner. After removal of cataract, an Intra Ocular Lens (IOL) of desired choice is implanted in the eye.

he centre has highly skilled and experienced surgeons and trained manpower that together with state of the art technology and compassionate patient care makes it a unique and a safe experience for the patient.

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