Dry Eyes

The term “Dry Eyes” is more than a turn of phrase that means you’re not crying. Dry eyes actually is the name of an extremely uncomfortable medical condition. Without the proper amount of moisture in your eyes, a variety of problems and symptoms can arise. There are numerous causes for this condition and several methods to manage and treat it.

But if you’re a woman over the age of 50, your tear production usually diminishes due to aging or hormonal changes. Hormonal changes in women can be worsened by pregnancy, birth control or menopause. It’s hard to believe, but such a seemingly simple problem as dry eyes can drastically impact your quality of life. Dry eyes can make it difficult to read and reduce your ability to look comfortably at computer screens for extended periods of time.

If you are having any abnormal visual symptoms, you should always be evaluated with a thorough consultation and examination by a physician for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan as it may be a symptom or sign of a serious illness or condition.

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