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Khanna Eye Centre

Khanna Eye Centre is a super speciality, high tech, fully equiped eye care centre, offering world class morden eye care service of highest quality at affordable cost.

It is one of the leading centre of excellent eye care based in Model Town and Nirman VIhar it has a staff of 70+ including more than 10 Doctors. It caters to an average 75k patients per year with over 5k surgeries annually.

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Cataract develop in different people at different ages, but as a general rule, they develop slowly over a period of time.


Blade free Intralase Lasik, Flap less Lasik, SBK thin flap Tissue saving, Customized Aspheric Lasik, Conventional Lasik.


Pentacam, Anterior segment OCT, Specular microscopy and all type of Surgery, C3R & Intacs for keratoconus.


Glaucoma investigation including visual Field analysis, NFL analysis and CDR analysis with the help of OCT, Angle Assessment.


Soft Lenses, Toric Lenses, Cosmetic Lenses, Regid Lenses, Prosthetic artificial eyes.


Digital fundus Flurescein Aniography (FFA) Optical Coherance Tomography (OCT) Retinal Green Laser for Diabetic Retinopathy Anti VEGF.

SQUINT service

Squint is misalignment of eyes it may be congenital or acquired may need surgical, medical or Optical treatmentorthoptic exericses.

Improve your Vision with Our Eye Centers

Khanna Eye Centre is offering you the latest and safest in specs removal by introducing Blade-free tissue saving i-Lasik extra.

It is far superior to blade-free lasik, smile technology and contra vision lasik. It is the only Lasik which has the enormous potential safety benefit in restoring the strenght of corneas weakened by other Lasik.

Cornea is the eye’s outermost layer. It is the clear, dome-shaped surface that covers the front of the eye.

Khanna Eye Centre has firm commetment to provide best eye service to every patients at affordable cost with best personalised attention, compassion with humane touch.

Only the very best eyecare professionals

We are team of Eyecare professionals and we expert in SICS (manual phako), Botox, Ptosis, Oculoplasty, Pterygium, DCR surgeries. Nunc eros congue, imperdieta Integer dictum commodo dignissim maecenas aliquet felis lorem, sit amet tincidunt libero rutrum quis.

Meet Our Team

Meet our clinical director,
Dr. Sanjay Khanna

Dr. Sanjay Khanna did his graduation (M.B.B.S.) from King George Medical College, Lucknow & post graduation (MS Ophthalmology) from Gulbarga in 1993.

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We make eyes changes to lovely look and give best vision to see the world.

If you Have Any Questions Call Us On (011)-43785536