Droopy Eyelid (Ptosis)

Ptosis (pronounced TOH-sis, with the “p” silent) means droopy eyelid. It comes from the Greek word for falling and is referenced as far back in historical writings as 1743 when Greek medical practitioners described a condition that caused what some called “heavy eyelids.”

The symptoms of ptosis generally are fairly obvious — droopy eyelids are noticeable on most people even to a layman with no ophthalmologic training. When the condition affects just one eye, it’s even more noticeable. When both eyes are stricken with ptosis, you may think the person is just tired or putting on an air of indifference.

When you suffer from ptosis, your eyes water more than usual and the drooping may lead to impaired vision. Children with ptosis often lean their heads back to see better and can develop an abnormality in their necks or shoulders that comes from accommodating the awkward way in which they have to turn their heads just to take in images. Some children lift their eyebrows to better see from under the drooping lid.

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